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Salix Inc.

Innovative Solutions


About Salix Inc.

Salix Inc. was founded by Jamie Meier after more than 20 years in the environmental resources industry in California. The founding principals of the firm are honesty, scientific rigor, and creativity in solution development. Projects are evaluated and solutions developed based on a "first principals" approach to meeting the needs of clients and stakeholders. This approach leads to successful outcomes at reduced costs in comparison to the industry average.

The core of business for Salix Inc. is focused on remediation and monitoring of sites that have been impacted with volatile organic compounds, specializing in chlorinated solvents PCE and TCE from dry cleaning operations, manufacturing and parts handling, and painting operations.

Our Services

Salix Inc. offers Environmental Site Analysis, Environmental Remediation & Monitoring, Environmental Litigation Support and more. Click to view all our services and get in touch.
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