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Salix Incorporated offers a wide variety of solutions to your environmental needs. We specialize in air, soil and water remediation of commercial and industrial sites.

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Environmental Site Analysis

Salix Inc. leverages decades of experience into evaluating and understanding environmentally impacted sites to help determine the most cost effective and expedient remedy to meet the client and sharedolders needs.


Environtmental Litigation Support

The Salix Inc. team is well versed in providing litigation support to shareholders of environmental sites. These services include contract oversight and strategic evaluation.


3rd Party Project Scope and Budget Analysis

Salix Inc. offers review and analysis services for evaluation of project scope and  budgets for successful closure of environmental sites.


Environmental Remediation and Monitoring

Salix Inc has a team of professionals dedicated to applying innovative solutions to remediation and monitoring of commercial and industrial sites that result in minimal disturbance or impact to tennants and regulatory compliance.


Environmental Expert Witness Support

Salix Inc. offers expert witness support for litigation of environmental sites.


Other Environmental Needs

Because of the broad scope of experience of the Salix Inc. team, we are able to offer additional services beyond what is listed here, including environmental forensics, multi-phase process engineering, and high level interdomain project planning for management or development of natural and built resource use.

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